Her husband called her a “fat pig,” and she could have been every man’s dream. A U.S. woman who used to weigh more than 100 lbs tells her story.

American Alvina Rein has always been a beautiful woman, but she was also sad. So she wouldn’t think about her mental illness, she “jammed” her worries by eating delicious but bad food.

A few years ago, fate gave her a great chance to finally get her life in order, but it came in a surprising way. In fact, Alvina already had two children and a husband who called her a “fat pig” at the time.

The way a loved one treated her hurt her very much. So, she left her husband and started working out, even though he kept telling her that if he left her, she would be alone because no one wants a girl like her.

Alvina started by staying away from wheat and eating less carbs. This worked, because in just a few weeks she lost 5 kg. She went to the gym because this made her want to work harder.

Because of this, the girl now looks very beautiful. There was no sign of the girl’s earlier worry, and she was right away with someone who cared about her and wouldn’t say mean things to her.