This time will never come back. When a baby who can’t hear first hears her mother’s voice.

The day before, a video of a mother and her child having an emotional conversation went viral on the internet. When a baby heard his mother for the first time, 900,000 people watched.

Kristina, the main character in the movie, had been thinking for a while about whether or not to show it on TV. She finally got the courage to put the video on the internet. She wanted to show how hearing aids can help people who are hard of hearing.

The baby’s face changed when she heard Kristina’s words, and she woke up happy in her arms. Behind the baby’s ear, a hearing aid was put in so she could fully understand what was going on. Kristina says in the title of the video that a hearing aid is not a magic wand that can help people with hearing loss right away. Deaf people do not need to go through rehabilitation. The mother said that using this equipment helped the child hear her. This day meant a lot to them and their family.

When her mother’s voice was heard, her daughter lit up, and her mother was seen talking to the child in a sweet way. Kristina met her daughter and said she didn’t know much about what was going on. Is it a joke? her mother asked her daughter a question while smiling. I also think it’s funny. The happy mom took the chance to tell her daughter how important she was to her.

People on the network were touched by this sad scene. They felt a lot of things. She listens carefully, as if she wants to remember each sound. She yelled, “Goodness gracious!” in shock and joy. We appreciate you letting us know how you feel. “I’m grateful,” said one person online. Someone said that they saw the baby’s eyes get watery.

This is a chance that will never come up again. Most of the people on the network liked what Christina said.
They said that it was better for them to see the hearing aid from a different angle. After seeing the movie, people found out that the item wasn’t a “corrective device,” but a “tool.” Hearing aids can help people hear sounds they have never heard before, but they can’t cure loss.

Users say that hearing aids may make it much easier for deaf and hard-of-hearing people to go about their daily lives. The technology in this movie has made it possible for the characters to meet in a unique way that is valuable and will never be forgotten.