Get ready for a surprise you didn’t see coming: A television star who weighs 600 pounds got married and wore a revealing dress.

Even though Tammy Slayton was overweight, she decided to wear a dress with an open back.

Tammy and Emmy Slayton are the stars of the popular American reality show “1,000 Pound Sisters,” which follows two girls who are dangerously overweight.

They are 34 and 35 years old, respectfully. They decided to show millions of people what they did every day until a few years ago so that they could get in shape and start living life to the best.

For three seasons, the sisters fought against their drugs and themselves. Amy, who is trying to lose weight and has asked for surgery, had the most success.

At the time the movie was being made, Amy weighed 185 kg and Tammy weighed 275 kg. Amy had already lost about 50 kg. She has put on weight and now weighs around 300 pounds, which is different from her sister. Tammy was sent to a medical recovery center in Ohio that helped fat people because her health was quickly getting worse.

She is getting help at the clinic for both her weight loss and the health problems that were caused by her obesity. Tammy still cares a lot about what she does for a living. She often posts funny videos, news about her health, and general reassurances for her fans on her social media sites.

Tammy met her future husband, Caleb Willingham, for the first time at the rehab center. That was the first time she met someone she didn’t meet online. It was the only friendship she’s ever had that wasn’t based on internet dating. There, where they first met, they had already played at getting married before he asked her to marry him.

They might talk with each other about some of the fears they both have. Now, they really help each other. Friends of the couple say that it’s great.

The only people at the small wedding were the bride’s close family and friends. This group included the bride’s sister Amy, who had lost weight and was already married and the mother of a kid because of it.