Amy from “The Big Bang Theory” has changed a lot over the years.

Sunglasses and cardigans with stripes will no longer be sold.

Amy Farrah Fowler first appeared on The Big Bang Theory in season three, and both Sheldon Cooper and fans were immediately drawn to her. In the end, Sheldon married the young scientist.

Mayhem Bialik’s character had a very unique “style.” The girl wore knitted cardigans, “granny” skirts that had to be below the knee, and thick-framed glasses. Even though it was on plan, the drab’s image as a hero was quickly boosted by the fact that she didn’t look Kazakh.

But she was a beautiful performer underneath all that dust, and the years had only made her better. Mayhem will soon be 47, but he or she still looks great. The star likes to dress up and shows a lot of skin. In public, she sports bright makeup and looks perfect, unlike Amy, who is hunched over in the movie.