People are mesmerized when a poor man asks a street performer to sing with him.

These days, there are street artists everywhere. One of them is often seen around town. But this may be a less common ability than others. One cold night, Johnny Walker, a street artist from the UK, decided to go to Leeds.

He usually acts alone, but this time he decided to have a guest. When they added a poor person to the show, Johnny didn’t give it a second thought. Thankfully, he did. He gave the show something important.

Poor Bernard has a very interesting history. Everyone in the city knows and likes him.

He was on the show Harry’s Game and has two children. He used to play Irish Folk music.

What we’ve written here about the show doesn’t do his voice honor.

You should listen to it for yourself.
If you take the time to listen, you won’t be sorry. It shows that smart people can be found anywhere and that you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

Watch this video and then let us know what you think. You wouldn’t have thought this man could sing so well, would you? Even though it was on TV, would you have thought about his past? In the space below, please tell us what you think.