Like his Dad when he was young. How does the beautiful son of Clint Eastwood look? Since a long time ago, he hasn’t liked him.

Clint Eastwood became well-known for his roles in well-known westerns made in the United States. He had a lot of friends because he was nice, acted like a man, and looked great. For many years, the star was seen as one of Hollywood’s most famous sex symbols. He was loved by women all over the world because he was so interesting on stage, but he only got married twice.

Still, Eastwood was never known for being a reliable partner. It wasn’t a secret that he had many affairs outside of his marriage. One of these relationships was very important because it led to the birth of a son. Scott is the name that his mother gave him. Clint Eastwood didn’t care for a long time that Scott was his son.

At first, Eastwood didn’t know who Scott’s father was. Scott was 16 years old when Eastwood decided to meet him. Eastwood was shocked to see that when Scott was young, he looked just like him.

Because the two people looked so much alike, the actor didn’t think it was necessary to take a DNA test. Clint Eastwood was finally able to connect with his son. Scott chose to follow in his father’s footsteps and is now a well-known actress and model.

Fans are amazed at how much the father and son look alike, and they often say online that Scott is “like a copy of his father.”