The beautiful model Gisele Bündchen became the star of a provocative beach shoot when she said, “I forgot my underwear.”

Gisele Bündchen, a top model, took part in a colorful photo shoot where she wore some bold outfits for a summer trip. After taking a seven-year break, the “gloss star” is back in full force in the fashion world. Giselle became the face of an ad for Jimmy Choo. Shooting in the summer turned out to be interesting and full of atmosphere. Bundchen tried on some very revealing clothes.

The model who used to be a “angel” for Victoria’s Secret wore a white dress with a deep slit on the thigh and a low neckline. The top model, who is 42 years old, didn’t wear underwear just for the outfit. Giselle wore shiny blue shoes and a small clutch that went with the outfit. She even took the chance of “lighting up” private places with a single awkward move.

Then she put on a blue bandeau one-piece swimsuit. Giselle wore a white shirt and wedge shoes with her bright swimsuit. The star wore a huge gold necklace around her neck. Bündchen wore a white top, denim minishorts, and gold Roman shoes to complete the look. The top model threw a big denim jacket over her head. “In a word, Gisele Bundchen. Jimmy Choo says on the page, “The best supermodel shows off a new line for summer 2023.”

Many of Bündchen’s friends said nice things about her. Fans said things like, “I’m glad Giselle is back,” “Giselle is way more interesting than Kendall,” “The real queen of the catwalk,” and “Bold but not rude.”

And what do you think of the star who is so charming? Do you think she is really great and attractive?