This little girl became well-known all over the Internet because her hair was too thick. What does she look like now?

Baby Gabriela, a year old from Great Britain, has become a big deal on the Internet because of something unique about her. Gabriela was born with a head of hair that was extremely thick and full. This caught the attention of the medical staff at the hospital where she was born.

Denika Kaneva, Baby Gabriela’s mother, said that she was surprised by how different her daughter looked when she first saw her. The nurses who helped deliver the baby were also shocked because they had never seen a baby born with such thick, long hair.

Gabriela was different from the other babies in the hospital room.Baby Gabriela became well-known online after her mom, Denika, posted a picture of her on the web. People were amazed by the child’s thick, long hair, and some even said she looked like Rapunzel from a fairy tale. The unique thing about Gabriela got a lot of attention and respect from people on the internet.

Denika Kaneva said that when she and her daughter Gabriela go for a walk, people often smile and turn around to look at them again. Gabriela’s hair is different and stands out. It seems to make her stand out in a crowd and make people happy.

Denika Kaneva also said that she uses good hair products that she usually buys at the store to take care of Gabriela’s hair. Gabriela’s thick hair needs extra care to stay healthy and beautiful, so Denika makes sure to use only the best products on her daughter’s hair.

Denika Kaneva says that Gabriela, her daughter, likes to wash and dry her hair. Gabriela laughs happily as Denika dries her hair. It’s clear that she enjoys the process.

Gabriela’s hair care routine seems to make both her mother and daughter happy and satisfied.