The fact that the woman who couldn’t walk made a nice family shows that love always wins.

Rose Siggins is an amazing and strong woman who showed everyone that nothing is impossible. Rose was born in 1972. The baby’s mother knew right away that her daughter was special. Rose went to school and lived a normal life for a teen, even though she had a “weakness.”

Siggins said she could never get used to how people looked at her: “They stare and don’t try to hide it, both kids and adults.” Siggins met the man she would marry at the car service where she worked. At work, they talked on the phone a lot.

After they first met, Rose’s life changed a lot. He asked her to be his wife. The man said, “Mom told me not to marry Rose.” “What are you going to do if she is better than you?” At one time, Dave’s mom asked. “Doctors were shocked when I told them I was pregnant for the first time. “I had a healthy boy,” said Siggins.

After a few more years, their daughter was born. Rose didn’t plan to give up. Everything was taken care of by the smart woman. She cleaned houses, raised kids, danced, and even had a part in a popular American TV show.

The woman died because of a very strange thing that happened. Rose got sick after having kidney stones taken out, and her body couldn’t fight it off. She was 43 years old.

We can only hope that her family has the strength and health to deal with their pain.