For the sake of his child, a 24-year-old guy with tattoos all over his body gets rid of them.

In Australia, Ethan Modboy Bramble is known for his blog. This 24-year-old man is impossible to ignore. He has a cut tongue, clipped ears, black eyes, enlarged lips, a sewn-in belly, and tattoos on 95% of his body.

It seems like the young man will never stop changing his looks, since he has a big mind and modern plastic surgery can do almost anything. But when a girl was born into Ethan and his wife’s home, it turned the man’s world upside down.

The heiress’s appearance hit the blogger like a cold shower. The young father took a hard look at himself and decided to do everything he could to get his body back to its original shape as much as possible, even though his experiments cost him a lot of money and caused him a lot of pain and suffering.

The well-known Australian is now seeing experts for repeat tattoos, but each time he goes, more and more light spots show up on his body. When the baby girl grows up, her loving father might only be able to show her in a picture how different he looked in the past.

What do you think about what the loving father did? Does he know what’s best for his daughter?