Every day, money would show up by the door, and the cams would show who was behind it…

A store worker found a beautiful cat on the path and decided to bring it inside and keep it. A cat lived nearby.

They decided to leave him there, where he stayed alone at night.

The animal quickly got used to it. After another 6 months, people began to wake up and find money under the door.

The shop manager, Stuart McDaniel, was the first person to notice the money inside near the door.

He chose to ignore what happened and thought that one of the customers had just left the money there. But a few days later, the same thing happened again.

At the door, there was more money. The dollar bills started showing up at the door again in the morning. Then, people started to think that the money was coming from a cat that the staff had brought in from the streets six months earlier and decided to keep.

The cat liked to kill time by sleeping by the door. The store staff decided to do an experiment to find out if their cat was really the reason why money appeared out of nowhere.

They put up cameras and started watching. And yes, we did see the cat’s first money-making success.

The fears turned out to be true. One night, an onlooker spends a dollar to play with a cat.

Later, when the cat and the dollar were still on the ground, some people who were watching began to play with them. After a while, the cat started picking up a good amount of money off the ground.

When McDaniel saw their pet “earning” money at night, he knew the money had to be spent wisely. She started giving her store cat to a charity to help the homeless in the area.