Grandma’s 105th birthday is being celebrated with a big surprise party and lots of happiness wishes.

Even though her birthday is coming up, Audrey Ainsley has no plans to leave her great life.

She seemed happy all the time and enjoyed her time at Foley’s Gulfside Medical Care.

Ainsley always had a simple answer when people asked her how she managed to live so long. It was also the reason why she could laugh so loudly and with so much energy at her birthday party.

She did things to stay alive and busy. The person who has lived in Baldwin County for a long time seems to have a lot of energy and strength. She might be older than 100, but she doesn’t look like it.

Ainsley’s family isn’t surprised by how healthy she is because she works hard to be active.

Her girl Marlian Ahearn said that Ainsley always took care of herself by working out and staying busy. She went on, “You know, it’s really great. She and my dad were always interested in many different things.

Ainsley was happy to be able to spend time with her beloved grandchildren and to meet her great-grandchildren. She spent as much time with them as she could and made memories with them.

Ainsley thought she was going on a trip in October 2022 to meet her doctor of 19 years, Dr. Kenneth McLeod, but it was all a trick.

She was surprised by how kind the people taking care of her were, since she was used to getting a checkup every day.

The happy woman walked into a room that was prepared for a party with banners, balloons, and other things. A table was set up with cake and tasty snacks for their favorite resident.

Ainsley knew it was for her when she saw the balloon sign that said “105.” She couldn’t hide how happy she was.

She was so happy to be the surprise party’s guest of honor because it meant so much to her.

Ainsley’s spirit is easy to catch. She might not have found the secret to staying young forever, but she did find a great way to live: without limits and with a never-ending source of hope.