The real body of a man! Blake shows off how great her partner looks.

The real male figure! Blake shows off her lover’s perfect body.

The famous person shared an unposed picture of her 46-year-old boyfriend in a white tank top showing off his big biceps on a social media site that has since been shut down. The star decided that sunglasses were the best way to finish off his look.

Attention: very hot. Lively new stories with an emoji that says something like this.

On a social network that was not allowed, the famous person posted an unposed picture of her 46-year-old partner showing off his amazing arms while wearing a white tank top. The star decided to finish off his look with only sunglasses. Lively added an emoji to her Stories warning, “Beware: very spicy,” which said “Caution: very spicy.”

Don’t forget that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now dating. The two met on the set of the movie Green Lantern in 2010. A year later, they started dating. In 2012, after only 11 months of dating, the pair had a fake wedding. They have three daughters: Betty, who was born in 2019, Inez, who was born in 2016, and James, who was born in 2014. There is now a second child living with them.