“Most Handsome Son and His Mom in a Bikini”: Damian Hurley co-starred with Elizabeth on her 58th birthday.

Elizabeth Hurley’s family is having a happy time because the actress is enjoying her 58th birthday and getting congratulations for hitting this milestone.

“It’s your birthday, Mom!” Damian quickly gave his congratulations. “I love you, my baby,” the famous mom said in response. Bloggers also wished the star well, and many were surprised by how thin she looked. “Isn’t this a mom? What 58? She’s no longer 29”, “Frozen Time”, “Very Beautiful Mom! “The most beautiful son and his mother in a bikini,” wrote someone in the Network.

Hugh Grant, her ex-boyfriend, and Damian Hurley, her 21-year-old son, both wished her well. Damian posted pictures of the birthday party, including one of his mom at a picnic. Elizabeth is seen in a colorful bikini that shows off her slim body. Her toned abs could make even the youngest people who see her green with envy.

Elizabeth herself took a picture to mark the event. She showed off her slim body in a blue bikini by raising her arms in a flirtatious pose.

Elizabeth Hurley had Damian with an American investor named Steve Bing. Elizabeth Hurley is best known for her part in the movie “Cheaters.” Even though he denied being the father at first, a DNA test proved that he was. Even though Bing helped pay for his son’s training, he did not take part in it.

Elizabeth Hurley recently got caught up in a dispute without meaning to. Many people thought that when Prince Harry said he lost his virginity to an older woman, he was talking about the Hollywood star.