They’re glad. Since she broke up with Pike, Shakira has been having an affair with race car driver Lewis Hamilton.

Shakira, who is 46 years old, was seen out in public with 38-year-old Lewis Hamilton. Both the singer and the race car driver were flirty.

Shakira, a singer from South America, broke up with football player Gerard Piquet last summer after he cheated on her. Sons Sasha and Milan were born to them because they were together. Even though they broke up, the singer didn’t think about it too much. Today, it became public that she was dating Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

About a month ago, people started to talk about the singer’s friendship with the athlete. Shakira and the racer were first seen together in May in Miami. Shakira went to the Grand Prix races. Hamilton picked her up from her beach house and took her to the races. After the races, they went out to dinner. At the end of the night, there was a lovely boat ride. The singer was then taken home by the seven-time world winner.

Now, it’s official that the two stars are dating and that they have a great time together. A friend of the couple said that the singer and the racer are very happy being together. “They are getting to know each other. It’s funny and charming.”

Before, there were reports that Shakira had a one-night stand with Tom Cruise. It was said that the actor was interested in the “Hips don’t lie” singer. After meeting the singer, it is said that Cruise sent her flowers and told his close friends that he felt a special bond with her. But Shakira turned down the advances of Nicole Kidman’s ex-husband and even asked him to stop being interested in her.

Even though she has a lot of dates, Shakira cares most about how her boys are doing. The famous mom recently asked the media to give her some space. The artist said, “I just want the kids to be able to go outside and go to school without being harassed and without being watched by cameras all the time.”