“Into the World Came a Son.” Adrian Grenier, who is 46, had his first child and showed off his pregnant wife.

The American actor and director told about a new family member. Adrian Grenier’s first child has been born.

Adrian is mostly known for his role as Anne Hathaway’s on-screen boyfriend in the movie “The Devil Wears Prada.” The star, who is 46, is happily married to his partner, Jordan, who is 29. Adrian told everyone today that he now has a kid whose name is Seiko. The baby is now a few weeks old, according to the 46-year-old star.

Grenier shared sweet pictures of his pregnant wife from a photo shoot. The two people are just chilling out on the floor. The good-looking star is lovingly hugging Jordan from behind as she rubs her baby belly.

“We’re very happy to tell you that our son was born a few weeks ago. In an instant, our hearts grew to the size of the whole universe. We are just glad to have a few weeks to ourselves as a mother, father, and kid… Seiko Aurelius Grenier, be happy about this gift to the world. Welcome to Earth, our beautiful son,” Adrian wrote.

After that, Jordan told people the first things she knew about how her pregnancy went. “When I was eight months old, I thought I was an adult. “At 42 weeks, I was pretty sure I was twice as big as I was before,” said the actor’s wife.

Grenier’s fans and friends sent them a lot of kind words. “Congratulations to all of you three! Hello, Seiko! “, “What a joy! “, “This is so cool! “Congratulations to you both!” “What a beautiful name for a baby! Bloggers wrote, “Adrian is going to be a great dad.”

Adrian has been with Jordan for six years. In June of 2022, they got married. In Morocco, close family and friends got together for a secret wedding.

Anne Hathaway recently didn’t like the part that Adrian Grenier played in “The Devil Wears Prada.” She said that his co-star on-screen was “young and stupid.”