A girl was born with a “clown nose” nine years ago. Look at how she looks now.

When Lloyd Connie was born, her parents were sure they would keep her, even though she looked “different.”

The big red mole on Connie’s nose was called a “clown nose.”

It was called a hemangioma by the doctors, who told her parents that it would go away on its own. But as the years went by, there was no change. So, the parents decided to do something and look for another way to solve the problem.

The little girl got bigger and had fewer and fewer friends, which made her worry about how she looked. So, her parents looked for three years before they found a doctor who could get rid of the scar on her nose.

Zara Green’s daughter Connie is no longer thought of as Rudolph because she has a red freckle on her nose.

The surgery on the girl went very well, so the parents and the doctor’s hard work was not in vain. The effects are good, and when the girl was done with her treatment, she looked the same as her friends.

I was afraid the school play director would ask her to play Rudolph. When the surgery to remove her daughter’s scar goes well, a mother is relieved | Daily Mail Online