Mother was often late to her daughter’s shows, but this time, this is what happened…

Christmas is a great time for family get-togethers and quiet evenings. These days, everyone is busy making tasty meals and setting up their houses. The air has a mysterious feel to it. Everyone can smell hot coffee and buns.

Holidays, happiness, and giving gifts are all part of this time of year. In addition to holidays and gifts, children look forward to New Year, which is like a winter fantasy because it is the day when the whole family gets together.

Because of what she did for a living, Ekaterina’s mother always got there later than the parents of the other kids during the Christmas break.

Even though the girl was used to it, it still made her sad that all of her friends’ moms came to their Christmas musical but not hers. The girl worked hard at school and could sing well. Every Christmas night, the girl wanted her mother to get there as soon as possible.

During the Christmas show, Katrin was supposed to sing the solo. It was a beautiful and happy day. In the morning, she and her friends arranged the stage and the Christmas tree. Soon, family members gathered to listen to the kids sing. Ekaterina stood in the middle of the stage and sang her part perfectly. The show went well, and all the kids were given gifts at the end.

The most important gift, though, was over when the college president told the crowd that another person was listening to the music from behind and asked her to take the stage.

Imagine how surprised and excited the girl was when her mother walked on stage. She was so happy that she ran to her mother, who had made it to the show early to watch her daughter act, and gave her a big hug. Catherine has just had the best Christmas of her life.

After all, nothing is better or more important than time with family. The girl hadn’t seen her beloved mother in a long time, but she was there for Christmas with the girl’s parents and other family members. It turns out that if you really want something and have at least a little faith in fairy tales, you can make your New Year’s dreams come true.

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