For 15 years, a millionaire lived in a barn, and his neighbors made fun of him until they came to see him.

Before it was bought by a man who wanted to build a house there, the old barn was used for a long time to store tractors and hay.

People in the area didn’t like the barn before it was bought because they thought it was too plain.

But when a millionaire moved there, the strange man was made fun of right away.

The barn’s owner talked behind his back for 15 years before he invited his neighbors to come see him.

Alan Yeomans, an Englishman, bought an old barn near Derbyshire with the plan of making it into a home.

He, on the other hand, had a plan. Even though it was a barn, he wanted to keep the traditional look of the area.

He used the same materials to build all of the farm buildings, but he did add some insulation to the outside of the barn. He used old stone for part of the face, which, in the eyes of the neighbors, made the building look even more run-down.

Even though the front looked brighter, the neighbors had no idea.

Alan was rich, but he dressed simply, and his neighbors liked to talk about their strange neighbor.

This went on for 15 years, until the man decided to have a cookout and asked some people over.

Alan’s plan for building homes became clear at this point. The man made a large room under the boring face of the barn. There was no background at all about the building.

Original art on the walls, gold carvings, old furniture, and modern equipment.

A shed was built inside a part of the house. It turned out that the Yeomans liked to collect old cars.

On the same day, there were no signs of making fun of them. But after that, he stopped talking to his neighbors.