“Suffering From Her Husband’s Betrayals”: It’s Scary To See How Much Weight Natalie Portman Has Lost!

Natalie Portman, who is known for being beautiful and having a slim body, had to go through a hard time for her part in “Black Swan.” To play a dancer, she had to stop eating meat, train hard, and stick to a strict diet.

She lost a lot of weight because of this, and she won an Oscar. But new pictures of Natalie make her friends worry because she looks very thin.

People are worried about her and asking why she would want to be so thin when she is already beautiful.

Some people think that the stress and recent news about her husband’s cheating might have made her look the way she did. Even though things have been hard, Natalie and her husband Benjamin Millepied are committed to staying together.

Fans hope that they can get through this tough time and keep being loved on and off the red carpet.

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