She was “Shaking Her Buns.” Fans of Spears are miffed by the new video from Pop Princess

On December 2, the well-known Hollywood singer Britney Spears turned 41. Britney bravely and brilliantly stepped into the entertainment industry, and she soon found herself on the summit of fame. On the other side, Spears was unable to stay there. Because of the videos in which the Hollywood pop diva makes unusual camera moves, people now remember Spears.

Bring back our Britney Spears, “How I loved her,” “What’s wrong with you, Britney?” Britney was my hero.

I have no idea what happened to her. What a disaster she created for herself. She was a fantastic artist, but you can’t look at her while she’s crying. It’s depressing to see her,”

Fans of Britney Spears expressed their sorrow in the comments section of the singer’s latest video, writing things like, “I think Britney needs help,” “Can’t her family see what’s happening to her,” and “I hope she’ll come back to the world of show business with a new hit one day.”

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