Parents opt against abortion for their ‘deformed’ child. View the child’s appearance two years later.

When asked if they wanted to abort their “deformed” kid, the expecting parents replied in the negative. Watch the development of their little children two years later.

Sara and Brody Heller both.

Sara Heller and her boyfriend Chris Eidam’s life were drastically flipped upside down at a 24-week scan. Their first kid was on the way. The Omaha, Nebraska, couple had the same worry that most pregnant couples do: what if the child has behavioral issues? This is a common concern for expectant mothers, but for one couple, it was really their reality.

Sara and Chris will be asked by the doctors whether they wanted to terminate their son Brody since the child had a condition. It was disclosed to the expectant parents that a problem had been discovered during the normal ultrasound. Brody was born with bilateral cleft lips and palate.

The doctor then asked Sara and Chris if they wanted to terminate the pregnancy or consider other options after describing the situation to them and informing them that Brody would be born with a deformity that would cause health difficulties. Thank goodness Brody’s parents weren’t just going to leave their kid somewhere.

Additionally, Chris Eidam and Sara Heller were adamant about doing everything they could for their child as well as educating others about deformities and problems that may afflict newborns in case other parents ran into the same difficulties they had.Sara stated it’s fine to be proud of your child no matter what.

On Facebook and Instagram, we wanted to make changes to the appearance of our ultrasound, newborn, and first year images. We wanted to draw attention to cleft lips and palates, Sara continued. And she has done just that, proudly posting on social media images of Brody from his early years.

Sara Heller has received several comments wondering what’s wrong with little Brody’s face, but rather than taking offense, she views the chance as a chance to educate others. In Sara’s words, “I chose education over conflict because that is what I want Brody to do in the future.” I want him to educate the public and advocate for younger cleft children who do not yet have a voice.

However, not all of our contacts have been negative. Sara, though, has witnessed several acts of compassion. A $1,000 cheque was reportedly given to her by an unidentified patron in a restaurant on a folded piece of paper. According to Today, the note’s first sentence was, “For the adorable baby.” Sara broke down in tears at the gesture.

Because Brody’s condition necessitates special attention—cleft lips and palate can make it difficult for a newborn to feed, drink, smile, speak, and, in some cases, even breathe—Sara and Chris allocated the funds to cover his medical costs and the surgeries required to treat them.

Brody’s previous surgeries were successful, and although though he will certainly need another one in the future, he is now a healthy, joyous, and content little child. He wouldn’t be here to motivate others if his parents had made a different choice based only on his appearance. Fortunately, his parents understood that a child is more than their appearance and that challenges must be conquered.