20 days before he died, the last photos of Robin Williams were heartbreaking.

Robin Williams changed the world of movies forever by playing many famous roles. His huge amount of talent and amazing skills made him a beloved figure for many years. Fans were excited to see what parts he would play next, even though he was only 63 years old and had already been in over 100 movies.

On his birthday, Robin posted a cute picture of himself with a monkey on his social media accounts. No one knew at the time that this funny picture would be his last post. Fans were happy to see the picture, and in the comments, they sent him their best wishes.

People who liked him were shocked when they heard he had died just 20 days later. It was just impossible to understand. When people found out that Robin had killed himself, they were all shocked. How could a man with a loving family and so much success make such a choice?

The sad truth came out: Robin had been fighting a form of dementia that got worse over time. He was no longer able to take care of himself because of the disease, and his body gave in to its relentless spread. The news showed how hard things were for him behind the scenes, where no one could see. It was a lesson of the silent fights that many people fight, and it showed how important it is to be kind and understanding with other people.