“Beauty has gone away with the years.” Meg Ryan, who is 61, let down her fans.

The Hollywood star has always been a well-liked figure. Her huge skill won over crowds and helped her become famous in a very short amount of time. Let’s take a look at how she looks right now.

In her youth, people often said that she looked like an angel because of how beautiful she was. People fell head over heels for her because of her beautiful blonde hair, heavenly-colored eyes, and perfectly shaped lips. But as time went on, the star chose to get plastic surgery, which made a big difference in how she looked.

Ryan chose to have her lips, chin, and eyes changed. Unfortunately, these changes didn’t go over well with the directors, so the number of film offers she got went down. As time went on, the results of the plastic surgery started to lose some of their original appeal. This made her face look a little different.

Now, she looks older than she really is, which has disappointed her fans. Because of this, Ryan doesn’t always like the comments that come with her pictures. Some are disappointed and upset with her decisions and tell her to think again, while others point out her beauty and ability.

Now it’s your turn, dear friends. What do you think of this famous Hollywood star’s looks? We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the matter.