The 22-year-old California woman lost 140 pounds after nearly drowning due to being overweight

22-year-old Dominique Montgomery from California weighed about 290 pounds.

Two years ago, she almost drowned while swimming in the sea. Due to her extra weight, the woman could not get out of the water at high tide.

According to Dominique, her friends managed to get ashore. But she weighed too much to climb the rocks and escape.

“I thought I would drown, I had no idea what to do and was scared. I was lucky that the tide ended quickly, and the water gradually began to leave,” Montgomery shared.

The woman also said that she had never worried about being overweight before. She did not refuse any food, she could even eat “a burrito the size of her own head.”

She was constantly overcome by a feeling of hunger.

Dominique stopped fighting the problem in her youth, and by the age of 19 she already weighed about 265 pounds. However, due to an incident on the beach, Dominique decided to radically change her lifestyle:

“If I myself cannot get out of the water, what am I doing with my life? There was a sharp feeling of disappointment, shame. I realized what a terrible shape I’m in.”

Montgomery began to walk more often, then ran regularly, tried to eat less.

In a year and a half, Dominique managed to lose 140 pounds through exercise and proper nutrition.

Unfortunately, there is a lot of excess skin left on her stomach, and now the woman is saving money for an operation to remove it.

“I have already lost 140 pounds! I have new goals now. And I’m going to tell everyone how important it is to pay attention to being overweight, to lead a healthy lifestyle,” Dominique said on Instagram.